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The Original Concept!

Before the Lift became a full series, two episodes were created as a proof of concept. Each represents one of the two types of stories you’ll encounter on The Lift, a Core Story and a Visitor Story.

The first pilot is a Core Story episode; one that delves into the mythos of the building. These stories focus on The Lift’s mysterious Guide, Victoria and her building. They explore her history, as well as other details about The Building, The Lift, and The Writer. There are only a few of these stories per season.

The second pilot is what we refer to as a Visitor Story, this represents the majority of the stories on the Lift. Each of these are written by various talented writers and focus on choices, challenges, and overcoming those things that hold us back from our best destiny. All of these visitors are guided to a choice and transformation by Victoria. Some choose well, others choose very poorly, and end up as long-term or permanent residents of the building.