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The Lift, an Audio Drama

iTunes Reviews

5 Amaxel Amazing For some reason I see myself going back to this podcast and re-listening to the episodes pretty often..
5 Alrivs Fantastic Storytelling I am so pleased I stumbled upon this podcast. I am still catching up to current episodes, but have enjoyed every single wonderful story. The variety of tales is very entertaining, and I find myself saying outlaid, “Uh-oh, Victoria is on her way!” every time. I think I will slow down my binge-listening to savor the fun of Victoria’s Lift.
5 Tisme_Paul Fantastic podcast Highly addictive start from the beginning and prepare to be hooked
5 Arkenz2011 An amazing podcast!! I found this podcast on accident, and oh what a happy accident it was. I ended up binging the entire season in 2 days. The different writers bringing their own perspective of the same story, added with an amazing production value makes this an easy addictive favorite. Even my kids love to listen, we try to guess before each episode how it will go; will Victoria be a sweet benevolent spirit…. righting the wrongs of the world, or will a vicious wraith of vengeance??? Please keep us guessing , the dichotomy is what keeps this show fresh and amazing!!! Thanks for the entertainment!!!
5 Love Audio Dramas Has everything !! Great story writing and fantastic voice work from many artists. And above all – a totally lovable lead lady.
5 Sweet your Great podcast! I love horror podcasts, but very few are the quality of The Lift. Great stories, writers and production. I have a long commute to work, and this podcast is a lifesaver…. cannot get enough of Victoria. Keep up the great work. Love this podcast.
5 Miamygil Wow This show is great. I like how you don’t know what you are going to get. Redemption or disaster. I am happy I got to it late as I have lots to binge!
5 padreof2 Wish I could give 10 I wish I could give more stars to sweet Victoria. I wish I could give more finically than $5 a month. I love all the authors especially Diane Student, but that’s because it was her podcast that introduced me to this one. I go into every lift hoping and begging to see Victoria. As long as I don’t have to go to the basement. Hope you never stop
5 Remy Strange Uplifting…sometimes A great podcast with boundless potential for more. Love the crossover to the Wicked Library and Victoria is a peach. Keep up the great work!
5 franzmazur A Veritably Horrific Delight… Every time I read a “Best Horror Podcasts” list, I find that writers of such articles tend to focus on the same handful of popular shows… much to my dismay. There are so many wonderful (and unfortunately underrated) horror podcasts out there that it boggles the mind. Having said this, it makes me incredibly happy to say that The Lift is among the very BEST of these audio dramas that haven’t yet gone viral. And I can’t wait until the day this show DOES go viral because it most certainly deserves it! The thematic diversity… the character complexities… the poignant moments… the dark loneliness that permeates the whole of the show… it’s all so well done and impressive, not just on a technical level but also on an emotional level as well. Folks, this show hits hard! I plan to highlight this show on my own podcast, Horror Corridor, and it absolutely delights me to do so! You would be doing yourself a disservice by not taking Victoria’s Lift every chance you get. Sincerely, Mister Watson, host of Horror Corridor
5 Quinderella Love the show I love this show. I have recommended it to everyone I know. Thank you for the hours of entertainment.
5 phaserbreakfast Wonderfully Strange What a wonderful concept! One never knows what will happen next, as different authors contribute a character all their own to interact with Victoria, the only constant theme. What would your story be if you found yourself in The Lift?
5 Jesman75 JesMan75 All I have to say is I like it!!!
5 Banana Roks 🙂 I love it! I always listen to this podcast on my commute to and from work. I absolutely LOVE it! Especially the episodes all about Victoria. I have never left a review on a podcast, but just finished the second Christmas episode and almost started crying. This podcast is fantastic!
5 Ryanmkd Thank You If I had to pick one podcast I couldn’t live without…it will always be The Lift. The stories pull me into Victoria’s world and I find myself feeling a range of emotions for the poor souls who find themselves making a choice. The show is a representation of our own lives and the choices we struggle to make each day. Much respect and thanks to all of the creators responsible for putting this podcast together, you’ve made every episode one of the highlights of each week.
5 DragonQueen221B Awesome!! A fantastic mix of creepy, cute, and extrememly introspective.
5 mtnlore Fabulous listen This podcast is amazing. Every episode is enthralling. I would listen to them nonstop but then…I will never look at an elevator in the same way. If you haven’t tried this one, you should. You won’t regret it.
5 Blackcat Lucky darkly and wonderfully inspirational. I had a daughter that died much much too young. When I discovered Victoria. She gave me hope that maybe my little girl is somewhere guiding people to their destiny as well. even knowing that this is fiction, I still have that hope. can you say possible play date? Probably not, but… if you want something with a good moral but is still fairly dark and does have occasion to bring a smile you should definitely try out this podcast.
5 TracerBan Brilliantly addictive Stumbled across the lift by accident, really very glad I did. Passes the hours at work away very happily. Told my wife now she’s hooked!
5 NaNa the twin twins best reccomendation My twin reccomended this podcast to me, I had asked her at the time “whats so entertaining abouta creepy girl and an elevator” “the LIFT” She corrected “and the only way to find out is take a ride on the lift” and what a wild ride it’s been! you know you’re hooked when you ask “I wonder what floor would be mine” you know you get it when you can answer it yourself!
5 TWL Review! Which floor would be mine? I found this Podcast by way of “The Wicked Library” (ALSO five stars from me!), and I haven’t been able to shut it off. I love the narration, the stories, the voices, the production value, and the link-ups to integrating authors and artists — I pretty much love everything about it. Each story has its own message, and most of the episodes make me wonder, “Which floor would be mine?”. Side note: No matter the tale (though, especially “Girl Alone at Play”), I always end up wanting to be childhood BFFs with Victoria. <3
5 Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete Which floor would be mine? I found this Podcast by way of “The Wicked Library” (ALSO five stars from me!), and I haven’t been able to shut it off. I love the narration, the stories, the voices, the production value, and the link-ups to integrating authors and artists — I pretty much love everything about it. Each story has its own message, and most of the episodes make me wonder, “Which floor would be mine?”. Side note: No matter the tale (though, especially “Girl Alone at Play”), I always end up wanting to be childhood BFFs with Victoria. <3
5 Gamer man 123456789 Lyft is awesome One of the best ones out there. Great concept. Every story is greatly produced. Vey professional
5 Kdkahahbanflgoujrjejeke Awesome Unique Story I love this podcast for it’s incredibly unique format. The use of multiple authors to bring Victoria’s story to life is amazing because everyone brings something different to the table. I stumbled across this podcast while listening to the NoSleep Podcast and I thank them as well for leading me here
5 Kanthos88 all the awesome Words cannot express why I think everyone shoudl listen to Victoria Bigglesworth and the amazing journey she takes people on on her lift.
5 GumpIsrael Great Show This show reminds me heavily of the old Twilight Zone shows, of which I am a big fan of…. so keep up the good work!
5 JimQkj Truly Creative These are stories that come from out of nowhere. I love the tone and plot lines of this podcast. Wonderful!
5 lilith and adam Great podcast I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Never boring.
5 Kmn001 Love it! I was introduced to Victoria through “The Wicked Library” crossover episode. I love her as a character. She’s a wonderful combination of good, creepy, and vengeful. I’m making my way through backed episodes and I am loving every minute of it!
5 automogator Unique and wonderful I love the fact that you get a taste of different writers’ themes and styles following the same prompt. I also enjoy the fact that not all of the stories are scary; some are touching, some are tragic, but all are well written and entertaining. Seriously, thank you to these short-story authors; I never tire of Victoria’s tales as they are so varied. Bonus: Daniel Foytik has a fantastic voice! I’m so glad I can hear him at the Wicked Library and now at The Lift.
5 widow rivers The lift The captivating 9 year old Victoria with the most perfect pigtails of golden blond ringlets with her porcelain colored skin, green eyes that seem to be Luminescent, perfect shaped pale pink lips, adorable English accent, in her adorable turn of the century Mary Jane shoes, her some what tattered pale worn purple dress and very enchanting music box. Victoria will lure you into her lift of her oddly out dated 9 story building that just randomly seems to appear…if you are in her lift it’s because you need to make a choice in your life… choices you make while you visit this young girl wise beyond her apparent age of nine will change you… be careful in your choice, think an adorable young girl will show you pity?? She will make you face your fears… she will help you….if you make the wrong choice well little Victoria will…… you have to listen to her tinny echoing voice as you ride in her lift…..
5 narrowed eyes Wow I picked the show up last October through the No Sleep Podcast but at the time I just couldn’t get into it. This time I was going through some jobs I needed something to help me through and suddenly it was like I couldn’t get enough. It’s a different story every time, a different need to be met depending on the character, with Victoria a solid, mysterious staple through out it all. I don’t think I fully understood it the first time, or I came in with the wrong expectations, but now I absolutely love it! Totally recommend to anyone who likes spooky stories.
5 Jules down under Big down under fan Love this addictive podcast. Was recommended by History Goes Bump. Been listening from beginning and want more. Love Dan’s voice, and Victoria is my favourite.
5 Thug geek Exellent Like in life, the choices one makes can have major consequences. Great how the stories bring Victoria’s world to life.
5 eyesblackascoal Wwvd I listen to podcasts while I work. House cleaning headphones in vacuum on. 8 hours flies by. First one was black tapes. Amazing. About a week ago I landed smack in Victoria’s lift. Fell in love! I listened to the first season twice just cause I didn’t wanna start the second and have it finish! I’m halfway through the second now and I’m so in love. This is the very first review I have written because it just deserves it. Each and every author is absolutely amazing! The concept of the roots is well created. It makes me think about everything I’ve done and am doing and her lil creepy/cute voice pops in my head. What I’d like to hear is a little more of her other side. More description on why she looks like and just more malevolent. It’s getting a tad mushy like I’ve teared up recently. Great but I wanna see more of her dark side. Xx Alisha, please keep them coming! 10 god damn golden stars for you Victoria!!!
5 eyesblackascoal Wvd Sooo I listen to podcasts while I work. House cleaning headphones in vacuum on. First one was black tapes which I saw on fb posted by a friend eventually it brought me here. I just fing love every thing about this podcast. Victoria, the building the past the present the lIFT EVERYTHING! I haven’t even paid attention to all my on going podcasts seriously an amazing worth while experience every single episode!
5 My Coinz touching and creepy The Lift is a semi-slice of life audio drama about a mysterious little girl who attempts to help people with all kinds of problem. From helping broken men, to punishing evil ones, she appears anywhere in the world. At first, I was expecting a typical scary ghost girl story with a “BOO!” here and there, but it is not that. I grew to really like Victoria, and the stories written by very creative authors. All those negative reviews saying “Bleh it’s not scary” have no idea what they are missing, and approached this with misguided steps. Just like me actually. But sometimes that misguided step leads you somewhere great. And this is just that.
5 Sckolar touching and creepy The Lift is a semi-slice of life audio drama about a mysterious little girl who attempts to help people with all kinds of problem. From helping broken men, to punishing evil ones, she appears anywhere in the world. At first, I was expecting a typical scary ghost girl story with a “BOO!” here and there, but it is not that. I grew to really like Victoria, and the stories written by very creative authors. All those negative reviews saying “Bleh it’s not scary” have no idea what they are missing, and approached this with misguided steps. Just like me actually. But sometimes that misguided step leads you somewhere great. And this is just that.
5 Jdnfufusienbrbf Beautiful The music and quirky Victoria are a jackpot. Season 2 is different from season 1 in that we now have a story of Victoria mixed with the story of her…guests. It leaves an exciting thrill waiting for the next episode to discover more about Victoria’s life.
5 Pittas83 Love this! I have just recently started listening to pod cast stories. I started with the Once and Future Nerd and this one came up in related pod casts. I have bindged through all episodes and am really looking forward to new episodes. It’s creepy and sometimes disturbing, I love it! Thank you so much for making this! Here are your 5 gold stars Victoria!
5 notrampstamp The best audio drama.. This is my favorite podcast. I have downloaded all episodes, however I savor each one. I do not binge listen as I do not want to ‘wait’ for a new episode(s). The stories are written by different authors however they preserve Victoria’s character brilliantly. The stories are, of course, well written. They are creative and sometimes eery but some can be uplifting and definitely addictive. The narrators are the best. They bring the characters to life in your imagination. If you are reading the reviews wondering if you should download- just download already! You will not be disappointed. Mr Foytik and Ms Lowman have a one in a million podcast, IMHO. This is a very impressive podcast. Kudos to Daniel and Cynthia! And Kudos to Ms Collins for bringing Victoria to life.
5 DarkVirtue1974 A little help from a friend… Dear Victoria, I’ve heard your request for stars and I am here to deliver. Unfortunately, I only have five to give. I hope it helps!
5 MacSteele I’ve made my choice, have you? We all have choices to make; I hope you make the right one and subscibe to this wonderful podcast.
5 Death Wolf Life I love the life IT IS GREAT
4 AndreaLT A true favorite My husband introduced me to this & I have not been disappointed! Me & my kids are Horror podcast junkies. We listen to it every single time we get into the car. OfCourse we have to review the episodes before letting them listen, we aren’t compete monsters 😉 wouldn’t want to end up meeting Victoria now would we?!? Mad props to whomever does Victoria’s voice!!! Keep up the good work EVERYONE!!!
5 RLWadeii Great show!!!! I love the production and stories heard here and Victoria is such a great character!!! If she ever feels she needs some playmates (actual kids not her typical guests!) I have some kids that would love to be her friend!
5 Gelu Unus Addicting!!!! What do you get when you mix; Dante’s Inferno with Dickens – A Christmas Carol with a heavy dash of the Twilight Zone. You get this great new creation of THE LIFT. A episodic tale with a charming english ghost acting as our; Virgil, Rod Sterling, and ghost or past present and future. It is charming, and spooky, and uplifting and illuminating! Eric from Buffalo
5 love sweet love escapism or is it Wow i found these podcast about 6 weeks ago, i downloaded them all to my ipod, and ive nearly caught up, i get so imvolved with these stories, i listen to them sunday evenings 9pm till 2am while im working, occasionally i think is this escapism or is it real, well done i really love it. Lisa Vyvyan cornwall england
5 Batgirl_LB Interesting/fresh/new I am in to horror and I find this podcast has horror and hope… I was happy the music/sound effects have found a good balance! It was rocky at first! Keep up the good work!!
5 Zombie_slag One of the best The Lift is a gem in a box of rocks that is the Original Fiction Horror genre. There are plenty of amazing shows in the genre, but thousands of duds as well. It’s nice to find a show that does something different in both concept and execution, and The Lift does that very well. Even though there are different authors and narrators as the show moves forward I haven’t found anything that strays from the established concept, and the voice acting for Victoria is superb every single time.
5 Aahmylyn Excellent work! I have been nothing but thrilled with this podcast! It is fun and exciting to listen to. Each story is new and different, along with keeping you on the edge of your seat. Thanks for the stellar work!
5 The Rafraf Diaries The Lift Can Lift The Lowly The truth is, hearing these stories can make you really appreciate what you have. I mean face it, everyone has bad days, but many of the people in these stories have bad lives. Victoria does what she can to get them back on track or scare them straight. Sadly, some can never be helped. Wonderful podcast. Thanks.
5 FernyFlores Victoria! Victoria is anything and everything that anyone can need! The fact that different authors write the stories is amazing, and lends credence to the nature of Victoria, her lift, and the building itself. Each story is different, and each iteration of Victoria is different, and that is precisely why it works so well. After listening to each story, I find that Victoria has me seriously considering my past… But, as she says… Our past decisions don’t matter… It is the decisions we make now that determine our fate…
5 Hannahbalxo Where Story and Substance Combine After being referred to this podcast by another (I believe it was No Sleep), this audio drama has quickly rose in the ranks to be my absolute favorite. I am incredibly impressed by the intelligence and subtleties offered by the creators, writers, and narrators. 5/5 stars, I dearly hope it can continue on.
5 Tara_83 Fantastic podcast I look forward to every episode. Totally immersed in Victoria as a character and narrator for the individual stories. Great podcast!
5 Jesseglide0036 Victory to Victoria!!! Can I send my kids to The Lift??? They may turn out as better people. I love this podcast.
5 Moe 41 Great show! Absolutely addictive listening!!
4 Dubstepper72 Narrator This podcast used to be one of my favorites to listen to. The narration was superb, easy to follow and kept me listening. I would actually ignore phone calls until the episode was over. Now, ever since the new narrator took over, my attention is easily distracted from any given episode and I yawn a lot. I’m pretty sure she is good at what she does for her career but keeping my undivided attention she is not. I’m sorry but I had to delete the podcast. Nothing personal.
5 Kindredheart Love this podcast, Victoria and the incredible stories Heard about this podcast from History Goes Bump and they were right it is amazing. Love the stories and Victoria. She is a creepy yet almost comforting character. This podcast is a must for anyone who likes creative storytelling with a little spooky twist.
5 Xuchiex Love it I feel like this is a mix of The Twighlight Zone and Dr Who. The stories are always written so well and have smashed thru all the episodes. I love the sister podcast of Wicked Library also and the readers always make you feel like you are right next to Victoria
5 Smirli I love it! The Lift combines different authors with a story arch that can go in every direction, therefore keeping the tension high. Each episode can take you to a love story, a thriller or something else entirely. They all have great writing and wonderful narrators in common though. A Must-Listen for all fans of podcasts!
5 Trishna23 Intruiging podcast Just came across your podcast and love the short stories. Dan is a great narrator and makes you feel like you are there. And the great character in Victoria…well i wouldnt expect anything less from Amber Collins being a fellow Orstrayan. Oi Oi Oi. Keep it up guys, love it.
5 LynnieKC Love! I cannot get enough of Victoria. This podcast is so compelling I find myself shocked that 20/25/30 minutes have already gone by and the episode is over. KEEP IT UP!! 💕💕💕💕
5 Natucharusso Awesome Love it!!
5 CarlaKovitz Absolutely love it!!! This podcast is amazing. It takes paranormal into the reality of decisions and possible paths we all face throughout our lives. This may sound weird, but in a way, listening to all of the character’s dilemmas and see them decide how to face what they fear has helped me face my own locked up truths. Thank you for making this podcast. I truly love it. Victoria is brilliant. Please keep doing what you do. . . But perhaps more often :-).
5 CecPed1979 Good stories The stories take on a wide array of “sins”, with some really interesting twists from some of the authors. Totally binge worthy 😉
5 Bmason867 New Favorite I just started The Lift 2 days ago and already binged to where I’m caught up. I love how the stories intertwine and when Victoria gets to punish the “naughty” people can’t wait to see what’s next keep up the good work!!
5 Chesstiger139 ONE OF THE BEST I must say that this is one of the best story telling pod cast that I’ve listened to. I encourage ALL pod cast listeners to give it a try.
5 A butt squeezer Listen all the time Great story lines and keeps on edge of seat driving in middle of night
5 tinabohio Splendidly frightening Victoria! The haunting voice. The chime in the lift. The intro music. This podcast is wonderful! I just discovered this gem, and I’m absolutely hooked! I hope to never meet Victoria, but I’m really curious as to what floor I’d end up on…
5 Scarness New Ear Addiction! The Lift is just oozing with beautifully written horror. Lovecraft, Poe, and King influences are very prominent while the show maintains its own unique identity. Think if Rod Serling teamed up with Voltaire or Clive Barker. It’ll play with your heartstrings and in the burst of gun horrify you where you need all the lights on at 03.00.
5 Rachel0923 Great hometown stories! I love this podcast, always a different author, so always something different. I keep trying to find this building when work takes me through the referenced areas of Pittsburgh.
5 Kane 201 The Lift is a different kind of creepy I first heard about this show from The No Sleep Podcast and was intrigued by the premise. Finally getting around to listening, and finished them all in about 2 days. Usually more drawn to the macrabe side of audio fiction, I find Victoria and her lift enchanting. Each episode having a different writer allows for different perspectives and characters. Often I find myself rooting for a characters redemption or damnation. Looking forward to many more seasons, keep up the great work!
5 Shanise822 Awesomely written horror series Any lover of the horror genre should check this podcast out. It’s a good way to get introduced to new authors, and the sound production and voice acting is done very well. And it’s randomly set in Pittsburgh, which is where I live. I enjoy hearing the random plugs for the city.
5 Mrmouktar Fascinating Anthology I love this podcast its incredibly detailed and world building for a string a short stories.
5 Russell Morris W The Lift, An Audio Drama Your stories are absolute great. When I first found it, i binge-listeend to it night and day until I had listened to all that had been broadcast. I like everything about your podcasts – the sounds, the music, the characters and, most of all, the plots. Other “scary” podcasts tend tp be not much more than blood and gore (though not always). Your plots, however, Have, essentially, none of that but are philosophical, even spiritual In nature, Whether or not karma exists in the real world, it does in your stories – very refreshing. I absolutely love Victoria – her character, her giggles, and her purpose in life. What makes this all the more wonderful is the fact that the plot, and the music are created by different authors and musicians And talk about diverrsity – male and female. PLRASE do not ever stop ,at least as long as I’m alive! Gregor, Arizona
5 Karole J The Lift is Sooooooooooo Good!! At my grand age of 55 it’s sometimes difficult to find original fiction and drama! But this has to be one of the best dramas I’ve ever listened to!! Reminiscent of Conan Doyle or Wilkie Collins. It’s original, witty, clever with the right amount of pathos but never too knowing or over clever. The plot devices are excellent and varied and has high production values which continue to improve. My only complaint is I’ve now listened to both series twice and it’s really annoying to have to wait for next episode!! It would be fab on TV or film but being audio allows listener to really imagine and engage. Thanks to all involved.. your hard work really pays off.
5 gorekitten Victoria is the daughter I never had, But wanted this podcast totally blew me away… great storytelling, moral lessons wrapped up with horror undertones…. And best of all Victoria!!! I have taken the ride and never want to leave her lift 🙂
5 Vegasrunaway Eclectic and Thoughtful Love, love, love this podcast. Variety on the darker side which is always interesting. The production, music, voice acting is among the best out there. Professionally put together, great place to showcase authors. Keep up the great work! Victoria is wise beyond her years and I always look for her when I take a “lift!”
5 Heeby Jeebies Great fiction writing! I thoroughly enjoy The Lift! It’s sort of a high concept-ish fiction series, so if that’s your thing too, you’ll enjoy this!
5 Fishy head Go for a ride I absolutely love the Lift! Each writer brings their own special twist to the Lift. Be sure to go for a ride, but be warned: you won’t be able to listen to just one. I look forward to each episode for a small break from reality.
5 OlyGhost Fantastic! This podcast perfectly blends the independent episodes that are tied in to a common theme (Victoria and her Lift). To me it’s as if the Twilight Zone and a King Diamond album had a podcast baby. That’s a good thing. No, it’s a GREAT thing 😁. Rod Serling and the King would be proud. The production is fantastic but doesn’t mask poor storytelling with effects and production as some podcasts do. Well done!
5 BenB891 Amazing horror podcast! I recently began listening and this is definitely one of my favourites. I love that each episode provides an individual story while continually exploring Victoria’s thoughts and past. A great combination of short and long form storytelling!
5 Phroggygirl Brilliant yet conflicting Stories to fascinate you and to make you question yourself at the same time. I find myself both wanting to mother the sweet Victoria, and wanting to run from her with my heart pounding in my chest from terror. Please, may I have more?
5 ladyknight1985 Completely addicting! I wandered over to listen to, “The Lift,” after hearing about it on the No Sleep podcast. After the 2nd episode I was addicted. I have enjoyed listening as the character of Victoria develops with each episode and more secrets are revealed! I love the mix of the creepiness and morbidity of stories with the “mostly” innocent Victoria. This is a very unique podcast. Do yourself a favor and subscribe/ download.
5 Annajensenatwater Beautifully gothic:) Victoria’s lift is a wonderful example of a perfect mix between ethereal storytelling and reflections on morality. The darkness of The Lift is exquisite and having little Victoria lead you by the hand (or hair depending on what you did) through the building to the sound of her little musicbox is utterly magical:) keep up the good work!
5 Sevenone2 LOVE IT! I thought I had reviewed this months ago! Great short story podcast, I love the way that Dan & Cynthia develop Victoria’s character. Dan’s voice work is superb and production is beautifully executed!!
5 Wizzdum Excellent production Love this podcast, can’t wait to hear more!!
5 Goatel Love the lift Love listening to the lift. Just waiting to see if the character is able to leave the building or not is suspenseful and great audio drama
5 Q_Baby820 Love it!! Every time I think I’m about to get bored with The Lift, they draw me right back in with an extra twisted episode. I love how each new author has a special twist for the character of Victoria because it makes her newly special each and every time I listen 🙂
5 BellSA76 Love Victoria This is my new favorite podcast. I adore Victoria, and I love it’s originality. I hope this series continues on for a long time.
5 Whope43 Excellent podcast a must listen too…. I started listening to Victoria this past week, cause I was caught up with my other ones. This podcast has quickly moved to the top of my list, among the ones I donate to. Love the stories and how Victoria stays a constant while the other characters change weekly. Can’t wait for more… Here is your review Victoria with your gold stars since you said pretty please… 🙂
5 Addie921joy 🌟The BEST Podcast EVER🌟 I absolutely without a doubt can say that this is my favorite podcast I have ever been lucky enough to find!!!! Each episode is different from the last. I love how some of the people whom Victoria brings to her lift are there to be given the chance at redemption while others are there to finally pay for their misdeeds. The work and effort put into this audio drama is commendable and very much appreciated! Thank you for all the hours of entertainment and I can’t wait for the next episode✨ PS~ I just listened to the “Nine Ways To Die” episode and I have to say that it is my favorite so far! My heart just breaks for the sweet little Victoria and her father💔
5 Dora_Rose Love this podcast ❤️ I love Victoria! I also love the way all the writers work together to tell her story along side the stories of the people she guides. I was hooked from the first episode! I just listened to the whole first season within the last few days ❤️ I listen to podcasts almost constantly and this is one of my favorites!
5 Delereum Wonderful and creepy Great set of stories that will make you anticipate the next block of free time so you can see what Victoria’s up to next.
5 Dav13478943 Incredible Literally falling in love with Victoria! This little girls character development is insanely good. I patiently wait for the next episode just for the chance to learn anything else about her. Thank you guys so much. -StratBear P.s. A tv show would be incredible
5 A1983D Love the show! I was originally leery of getting on The Lift. I listen to lots of horror/paranormal podcasts and was led here to this decrepit nine story building by The Wicked Library. I’m grateful I took the plummet and entered Victoria’s domain. I’ve binge listened to the entire first season in about a day and a half. The stories are well written and the voice acting is superb (especially Amber Collins’ Victoria). I love that the character of Victoria doesn’t follow the old creepy Victorian girl trope and she is instead a rather positive influence when possible. It’s a refreshingly creepy story and I’m excited about the future for this podcast. Keep up the great work!
5 Fish whiting addicting listening I really enjoy listening to this podcast I am starting to dream of sweet little victoria and think I may submit a story or two. Thank you for wonderful entertainment I will be supporting this great work for sure. if you enjoy creepy short anthology style stories this is the podcast for you.
5 Laurina74 interesting A great concept…..I love the tales of Victoria.
4 SaddexAngel Enjoyable The stories do not drag, and the characters being judged are both good and bad people. The kind of horror of this relies on the kind of person you are and the consequent reactions to what you do, so its not like annoying horror movie full of meaningless jump scares or God-awful decisions.
4 StrangeSerpent Enjoyable The stories do not drag, and the characters being judged are both good and bad people. The kind of horror of this relies on the kind of person you are and the consequent reactions to what you do, so its not like annoying horror movie full of meaningless jump scares or God-awful decisions.
5 emf4 Unable to Download Season 2 Great podcast!! Just unable to download … podcast host dropping the ball 🙂
5 Imabigkid Victoria’s Lift Absolutely the best podcast out there. The reading is great the stories are amazing. Just found this hidden place and I want more
5 team squirrel forever Squirrel Simply amazing I’m so hooked please keep them coming I love it
5 Girl Kool Nice Class Act The Lift carries on the timeless tradition of story tellers as heard throgh the “The Wicked Library” podcast. These excellent stories are written by great writers and center around a darling little girl Victoria. Dan Foytik and Cynthia Lowman are added bonuses. They will leave you wanting more. If you have a conscience….Beware.
5 xantianite Fantastically Entertaining! I am enjoying every episode!
5 Marocmole Nothing like it… A great series that i’ve been listening to every morning at 5am. It’s encouraged me to walk to work (and) it’s kept me company!! Thanks Marocmole
5 The Perambulator Well done and worth a listen I was hooked right from the start, especially by the excellent audio work. I’ve been turned off by other podcasts recently where the acting is amateurish, rushed, or sounds like the readers are clearly just reading. These actors know their work, and the whole effect is of a well-paced drama. Tell your friends to give this one a try!
5 Mantwonatison Great quality and variety!!! The production value of this show is absolutely incredible. It’s really refreshing having various authors write tales for the overall story. A great show for anyone that enjoys spoopy stories 🎃🎃🎃
5 AdamRueck The lift is great Awesome writing, and gripping stories makes the lift a must listen to podcast.
5 abachle The Lift…. Lifts my spirit Lovely, Haunting, Reflective. Stories within stories. Unpredictable every time!
5 pawsitivepaw Excellent stories! This is one of the best horror podcasts I’ve heard, and I listen to several. Victoria is such an intriguing character, I want to know more about her. I can’t wait for the next episode. Love The Lift! Keep up the great work!
5 zombiebob24 can’t stop hooked after the 1st episodes and Victoria here are your gold stars keep up the good work
5 Kittylovesushi Victoria’s Lift is addicting and perfect for Halloween! I found this podcast through The No Sleep Podcast and I am hooked, line and sinker. I both admire and fear Victoria and her lift. While I know she only wants to help and bring justice to others, I am always worried that I will wake up in her building and hear that elevator ding. But I know I would love to give Victoria a hug and a book. If there is anyone that is ready for a ride of terrors and frights, I highly recommend Victoria’s Lift. Going up.
5 Gamer man 123456789 Lyft is awesome One of the best ones out there. Great concept.
5 Chancelorxc Compelling I am generally not a huge fan of the short story based podcast, but this one is different. The common treads of the building, the lift and Victoria pull all of the stories, that would otherwise seem random, together, and make them feel as if they are all parts of a bigger picture. The character Victoria is a brilliant combination of adorableness sprinkled with sheer terror due to the potential malevolence you can feel bubbling under the surface. Definitely worth your time!
5 Zorli Victoria likes a lot of stars! Victoria and her lift deserves a lot of stars! I have been a podcast junkie for a few years now. I have a 2 page list of podcasts I’d like to get to. I’m just a tad sorry that “The Lift” was further down the column. Of course that simply means I get a little extended binge listening. Somewhere it was written that the show has a “Twilight Zone” feel and it certainly does in a most creative way. Victoria and her lift and building exude a sense of justice. Often there’s that small but oh so meaningful twist that determines who enters her lift and fate awaits them. Each story is well written and well read. Having varying authors allows for a great diversity of situations that call to Victoria for her attention. I believe I would like to find Victoria and see where she would take me on her lift. I await future stories that might reveal more of Victoria and her past. If you enjoy an eerie and sometimes scary tale this is the podcast for you. There may be other podcasts out there that you really like but I think you will add “Victoria’s Lift” to your top 5! I know this is too long and wordy to read on the podcast, even at the end. So just say that I love it, look forward to more and I’m sure others will make this podcast part of their regular listening. Thank you for many great adventures! Laura L.
5 Makfej My new favorite podcast. Wonderfully written and produced. Love listening to Victoria as I drive.
5 Tullydog7 A great audio drama!!! If you are into audio drama you will enjoy this one. Each episode is a short story in its own right with the whole story slowly revealing throughout the season. I am very much looking forward to the second season and finding out more about the story behind the lift. I hope I have lived my life with enough integrity that I don’t get to meet the charming host, Victoria.
5 #Crazyjay Rivetting !!!! Found this great podcast so engrossing I listened to series 1 in just 3 days. Having different writers each episode means you just don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Will Victoria help who she entices into her building or punish them? Will they make the right choice? Will they redeem themselves? Underneath all this,what is Victorias’ story? Is she a ghost or something different? Listen and find out!Can’t wait for another series. Hurry up!!!
5 Big Pauli Completely great and fun This is a fun set of creepy stories. Well written, well produced, and very well acted. This is a real gem, and I’m very lucky to have found it. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the effort.
5 Blbover50 Wonderful I have been enjoying this podcast and love Victoria
5 PattyRayMonroe Endearing, unsettling and utterly brilliant. Centered on a charming, creepy little girl and the strange apartment building she presides over, The Lift features a dramatic reading of a different author’s tale each week. Whether a story of judgement for past crimes or redemption from shattered hopes, The Lift is guaranteed to delight and unsettle in equal measure. If you enjoy brilliant storytelling and spooky tales, this podcast is for you!
5 FasterThanChuck Perfectly Balancing Dread and Delight Do you hear me? I am Victoria… I hear ya, Victoria. Loud and clear. In a world full of dark and depressing podcasts about the depraved, you and your lift are a refreshing dose of perfection. A combination of mysterious, macabre, uplifting, and heartwarming, there’s a game-changing story for everyone to be found on one or more of the many floors on Victoria’s lift. This podcast is a must-listen. Kudos to the writers, the producers, and all involved.
5 Ling419 I am a big fan of Victoria! I listen to the Nosleep podcast and heard David mentioning this podcast. An avid fan of horror ficton, I started listening. The Lift and Victoria is fantastic! The story is very well written and narriated. It was this podcast that led me to The Wicked Library which is a different type of horror fiction but equally fantastic! Can’t wait for the next season!
5 Mark_Eanes THE LIFT I can’t put it off any longer! You guys deserve so much credit, and I’ve absolutely got to give you five stars right now! I had hoped to be more creative and talk about how your podcast contains horror, suspense, mystery, the paranormal, drama, sci-fi, and even comedy! I guess this will have to suffice, for now. Thank you so much for making my workday more enjoyable! What would I ever do without you!?
5 Guided cause Awesome show! I absolutely love Victoria’s Lift. I have been bingeing since I came across the show. Great production, excellent voice actors, superb stories The Lift has it all. I have recommending it to everyone. Keep it up, and I can’t wait for season two.
5 Batgirl_LB Interesting/fresh/new I am in to horror and I find this podcast has horror and hope… I was happy the music/sound effects have found a good balance!
5 Datoldpud94 Excellent Love this pod cast
5 Ghost Witch Clever Conceit The Lift is a delightful contraption for the many authors writing the short stories in this series. Part mystery, part horror/thriller, the series explores choice, beliefs, and redemption-or destruction, all centered around the characters’ history and their perceptions thereof. You have a choice to make; I suggest listening.
5 Dellwood8 Wow Hold onto your hat with ride
5 GLOIN490 Thank you Thank you so very much for creating such a rich story!!! I love to get lost in Victoria’s adventures when iv had a rough day it never fails to brighten my day and bring a smile to my face:-) Thank you so much for all of your hard work and all that you do!!!!! #WWVD
5 S. F. Gunther Deliciously scary! Victoria is equal parts endearing and terrifying, but she always makes me want to give her a hug. Likewise, it is so gratifying, yet so scary to see where her lift takes you next. Definitely worth a listen!
5 Miostudio So good ! Great story telling. The one and only main character, Victoria is clever, charming and creepy. Look forward to every episode.
5 taureleafsilver Unsettling, Touching, and Atmospheric Victoria’s Lift is a series of stories concerning a mysterious building, its elevator, the girl inside, and the people who end up facing Victoria’s Lift to make a choice that will change their lives. The stories range from disturbingly creepy, to sweet and hopeful, and sometimes there is a lot of overlap. Not just another horror podcast, The Lift is a series about people, and choices. Let Victoria be your guide through a menagerie of characters as they are forced to face things they might rather stay buried. The Lift is fantastic, and I can not reccomend it highly enough.
5 AnArch0Angel Absolutley brilliant This podcast is on my top three list of my favorite podcast. It’s brilliant, and sometimes I fear I will turn a corner and see the door to a lift that was not there before…
5 StefB-A Very entertaining! Haven’t heard a boring episode! They keep me completely enthralled during my commutes. I sometimes drive around just to finish an episode!
5 Bethyliu Get on the Lift I have listened to many fiction podcasts. Victoria and her Lift stand out for me. Great production quality, not a bunch of adds (who doesn’t now about Square Space now?) Just interesting fiction. A different story by a different author every couple weeks with Victoria and her lift being the connecting thread. Highly reccomended.
5 suttonwriter Victoria as the modern Rod Serling If you like the Twilight Zone, you’ll love The Lift. It has the same feel as those episodes, combined with presenting the tales in an obvious shared universe whose rules and nuances become clear and clearer with each new tale. It’s a really fun ride.
5 DigitalPagan Absolutely enthralling. I binge listened my way through all of the episodes in one day. I’m usually better able to pace myself so I can have a few days of enjoyment, but the writing, voice acting, and production are so brilliantly done that I was unable to walk away until the end of the last episode. Victoria is a perfect blend of sweet and sinister.
5 Kr1314 LOVE THIS PODCAST The Lift has become my most favorite podcast. Entertaining and thought provoking. Very well made. Give it a listen, you’ll be hooked!
5 Jingldorf Absolutely amazing drama! Love Dr. Who? Love Tales from the Darkside? Well this show mixes those to mystical shows into one, beautiful audio drama that leaves the listener on the edge of their seat as well the satisfaction of a perfectly written and acted show that is nothing less than fantastical.
5 BuckSolid1 …dude. Is this awesomeness for real!? Stories are incredible, voice actors are incredible, running theme is as intriguing as the stories that fuel it. “What will become of Victoria?”
5 ThereAreOtherWays Creative, well done, great! I love the formula of different writers staying to a single theme/story line. It creates a lot of variety while staying cohesive. Great voice acting and narration. Really fantastic idea that is well executed. Keep it up!
4 DJManiak667 Love the premise, hasn’t been done this well in some time. Victoria is more or less our Rod Serling, and The Lift serves is The Night Gallery. Oh, and I knew I heard that music somewhere before! Anyone who’s adopted the Cthulhu Virtual Pet from the play store should find the intro music familiar.
5 Joshzzzzzzh Five more for ya. You deserve these gold stars, Victoria
5 Allfunktup Good stories an great production If you like original horror story podcasts, high production and concepts are strictly necessary, but when done well they really make a podcast standout. The lift is a good example of that. different authors, one central premise – a girl, a lift, and a story. Definately worth a hearing.
5 Jermz-g Dear victoria, You bloody wonderfully clever ethereal being you. I never glanced a thought at being so excited to meet someone, and yet so feared at the same time. You entrance me and I only wish I could meet you just to sense your purse heartedness first hand. The Lift is absolutely entertaining and contains amazingly clever fiction. Highly recommend!
5 Chasingthedog Immediately addicting Love it! Live already burned through the first 7 episodes. If you’re a fan of audio fiction, you will like this. It’s well written and well acted. I love the different stories set in the same universe. I promise you’ll like it.
5 Frizlfrazl again Amazing, intriguing and thought provoking eeriness! I just discovered your podcast as it was mentioned in another I subscribe to. Thank you for the ride! I’m trying to figure out the agenda of each floor, which is half the fun! Good job to your team for producing such a great listen.
5 Lee Ann D-A Good job I am addicted to podcasts for my daily drive and I am sooo picky it makes it hard to find things to I enjoy. The Lift makes my list. Production and story are top notch, and the story lines are unpredictable which adds to the enjoyment. I just discovered The Lift this month and I am refusing to binge listen; I won’t be able to stand the wait for new episodes. Well done!
5 Ahmaeri Fun and chilling Unique story line, creepy child, old dilapidated hotel, what more can any horror fan ask for? Please keep the stories coming!
5 Ben the Reaper Fantastic I absolutely love this podcast. With enough mystery, laughs, thrills, and disturbing events to make this one podcast j look forward to hearing more of. I powered through the first season to catch up and have already started re-listening to my favorites. Can’t wait to hear where Victoria takes us in her lift next.
5 Victoria Crooks Absolutely Fantastic!! This show is very creative and spooky. The characters and voices are all very well done. It’s always an interesting experience seeing what happens to those who visit the lift. Will they make the right choice? Listen and find out. You’ll shiver with anticipation and fear. A+
5 Grettalosa Great stories Why aren’t these movies?!?! So many great ideas!
5 AndrewNinja Fantastic! This is a great podcast, I really like that each week is a different writer, in the same world. Its really a refreshing take on the horror/ story telling podcast.
5 Qswitch I love this podcast! I’m a bit slow. After listening to the first episode, I wasn’t sure I liked this podcast. By episode 2, I was completely onboard and realize that cheeky little Victoria is quite a hero. have binge-listened to every episode multiple times. In fact, I am keeping all the episoded on my phone because i know i will want to go back to them again and again. Keep the stories coming! If my life ever becomes derailed, I hope Victoria and her lift are there to teach me one of her valuable lessons.
4 shikamari I give it four stars I give it four stars.
5 Boojum! Great Story, Great Idea! I love that there are different writers each episode, the change in tone plays on your expectations. Keep up the great work!
5 Oppai heart Discovered and loved Each story is so unique and so different. The only thing they share is Victoria and her lift. And when she pops in it just gets better. If you like stories reality checks, call outs, and destructive truths delivered by a ghost like entity this is an amazing ride.
5 Themeparkhero Simply Amazing Really gripping stories that vary quite a bit from episode to episode due to the different writters that write for each episode. The one thing you can count on is Victoria always being there.. for better or worse.
5 catbeegood Excellence My far one of the best audio drama podcasts out there. Great writing, great characters, and excellent production quality. If you like The Twilight Zone you will like this podcast.
5 Gecladin Wonderful This is the best story I’ve listened to since “we’re alive”. The way that every story is different reminds me of the anime Hell girl, except that she usually leaves her marks alive and with a lesson learned. I also love how we keep getting slightly different writing styles every episode. Truly amazing.
5 John Bolin I love this show 😃 I have heard of the podcast when I was listening to the No Sleep podcast and they suggested that the listener might like this Podcast I am glad I checked this out this now going to be a part of my weekly routines 😃 Thank you all for creating this for everyone to enjoy
5 WJEChaney Impressive If you are a fan of The Twilight Zone, this podcast is definitely for you. I was hooked after the first few episodes. I was turned on to this podcast from The NoSleep Podcast. This podcast is definitely one of my favorites.
5 Scared little one Amazing This is an unbelievably well done podcast. Victoria is creepy, yet I can’t stop listening!
5 DannyRose256! Love it! I’m totally binge listening to this podcast and can’t wait to for more stories! Keep them coming! <3
5 Mlothar A great podcast I discovered the cast through the NoSleep Podcast. Loving it so far, with the Tesla episode being truly inspired.
5 Mike Kojoori A great new discovery! I learned of this podcast through the No Sleep Podcast. I love supense, sci-fi and horror audio entertainment. I find it to be a nice fusion between horror and sci-fi. I’m discovered it later, so I’m bing-watching season one. Look forward to the following season!
5 Phaylleure Wonderful Stories~!! Recently picked it up after the No Sleep Podcast recommended it and fell in love with it. It has the vibes of both “Ballad of a Shinigami” and “Jigoku Shoujo” though more of the later. Keep up the good work and excited to hear more~!!
5 Ling419 Very good I’m a listener of the nosleep podcast and they recommend this podcast in their latest episode. I love listening to scary stories and am so glad I checked this one out. The story is well written and narration is great! I’m binge listening to all 20 episodes of the first season. Can’t wait for the next season!
5 JessVee81 Great Stories and Voice Acting! Another podcast I was listening to suggested this and I am in love 🙂 Must subscribe if you love the horror/thriller genre!
5 bugvince Outstanding Here you are Victoria, five gold stars, just as you asked for. I just happened upon this remarkable podcast and have become obsessively addicted. It’s now my favorite, with only one other running a distant second. The writing, voice acting, music and storylines keep me yearning for more, I simply can’t get enough of the amazing creativity that goes into each episode. I like Victoria and her willingness to help people who sincerely want to help themselves, what a wonderful concept. I would love to meet this charming little girl someday, I only hope she likes me as much as I’ve come to adore her. Please keep up the good work, I look forward to the next episode and to all future episodes that follow. Victoria, I didn’t give the five gold stars, you earned them.
5 Wastedarkcell Twilight Zone in the best ways The draw of Twilight Zone is much the same with The Lift. Each episode has a new cast and setting, usually a different author as well. But we always have the narrator telling us what’s what and who’s who. But with The Lift, we don’t have a disconnected narrator, here we have Victoria. She’s the running theme of the show and I’m glad she’s as involved as she is in each episode. And one is never sure just who to root for in each episode as every character that comes to Victoria’s lift must brave their own Inferno [just as Dante did]. Some episodes can thrill or frighten, while others leave you with a warm sense of satisfaction. So if these are all qualities you look for in an audio drama podcast; give this show the three episode treatment. Then, probably, download the rest of them. Because, well face it, you’ll want to know what happens next.
5 MaverickValley chills and tears I came to you from History Goes Bump and I’m so thankful!! I love every one of Victoria’s encounters, but there are some that have let me with tears as well as chills. Girl Alone at Play & No Such Thing from Season 1 had me dabbing my eyes. Restitution was also a personal favorite. But, none has given me chills quite like The Storm, which prompted me to review. I’m still reeling! I hope that if I’m ever faced with Victoria, that she deems me worthy of a “happy” floor.
5 BCom17 Awesome and creative podcast!! This podcast has great stories and an interesting concept. It can even keep me entertained on 10+ mile runs, which is no easy feat. This really needs to be made into a Netflix show!!!!
5 ZA Fan All the stars I absolutely love the writing for this show. They do a great job of picking stories and authors who add to the Victoria mythos. I would love to find myself one day in Victoria’s lift.
5 Colorful_Cupcakes A gem! As a huge fan of the Twilight Zone this was the perfect podcast!
5 666halo Sweet, informed, unwavering & committed That’s Victoria! Sometimes a soft heart, should she FEEL that you have some hope, will be shown, to the soon-2-be guilty/suffering. The “Lift” will “feel you” & decide your fate, little precious Victoria will show you the way, to face that, mysterious but familiar, dark hallway to…. I am quite the lover of this genre & truly appreciate the production & professionalism! Excellent in all ways! Keep it up Victoria!!!
5 elredien Creepy and adorable The stories in this podcast are great. I feel some are a bit short sometimes, like they need a bit more, but that could be because I get so involved I want to know more about the characters and how can you not? Victoria is great, her laugh is creepy and adorable and probably the most interesting and different plot device I have seen in a while. Always looking forward to the next episode.
5 Melusine777 Well-crafted, original, delightfully creepy storytelling I’ve just started listening to The Lift and I can’t get enough. The writing and narration are top notch. The sound design is wonderfully creepy without being over the top. I love the world that these standalone episodes all exist in – Victoria’s world!
5 Tom Robinson’s Apple Tree A Strange Arrangement This show is everything I was looking for in an audio drama. Solid story telling, appropriate sound effects, beautifully executed ambiance that seems to drive the scene, effortlessly. It’s easy to get lost in the story, experiencing the character’s pain, sadness or acceptance. I’m stuck on The Lift!
5 ice13166 The Lift is Victorious! I am a podcast fanatic and I listen to 13 regularly. This is by far my favorite. I anxiously await each new story. It’s like the amazing radio shows of old that totally engaged the audience with wonderful narrators, hypnotizing music and sound, and imagination-stimulating stories. I’m so happy I found The Lift! Don’t let it go without coming aboard. Go get ’em Victoria!
5 M812K Pleasantly Surprised! I was informed of this Podcast by a Small Town Horror post on FB. I was looking for a new Podcast to listen to (Since I am caught up on the 20 I listen to) and I am soooo happy with this gem. I love the idea of a different writer for each episode. Keep up all the good work! I will remember to be a good person, Victoria can leave me alone. 😜
5 MidwestRJ MidwestRJ Very good, creepy, and interesting stories – only have three left and I will have listened to all of them. THE LIFT!!!
5 Yashvi1611 An amazing podcast Each episode is different with new characters being introduced
5 StillATwinsFan Brilliant I can’t put into words what I felt listening to just the first few minutes of the Pilot 0 episode. Haunting and almost dizzying to listen to the sound and voice acting is absolutely amazing. This podcast needs MUCH more attention!
5 Snoof80 Deliciously Creepy I ate up every available episode and am now impatiently waiting for more… Victoria is delectably evil and at the same time benevolent always hoping the right choice will be made! I love this podcast … Keep the episodes coming!
5 DisneyMansionFan Spooky and Thoughtful The format of this podcast reminds me of The Twilight Zone or Night Gallery. We have a lovely little host in Victoria. The Lift is all about choices and this little gem might be the right choice for you. Each episode is a full story, some spooky, some thought provoking, always entertaining! I am fairly certain, should I ever find myself in England, I’ll be all about using the stairs and avoiding cute little blond girls.
5 Ricerboyghost This is a spooky great time I love this pod cast it has became something I look forward to getting. It keeps you wanting more! the host is great. I hope you keep up the great work and I am so glad I found this podcast. I hope one day to turn around and see the lift behind me . the more I learn about the lift the more I want to know. I can’t wait to hear what will happen next it’s a great ride. If you love horror look no more drama spooky scary it’s all here. Thanks from Georgia USA
5 Bee@ A hidden gem (for now) I found this podcast through Chilling Tales (another awesome listen if you haven’t yet come across it). Got immediately hooked with the spooky building/wibbly-wobbly, timey wimey stuff. And, of course, the ever delightful Victoria. Working late and listening to The Lift, I can’t help wishing one of my elevator trips ends up being more… Eventful 😉
5 grulig690 Great new podcast! I found this podcast about a week ago and it captured my attention and imagination almost immediately. I listen to all that I can find and The Lift is now one of my favorites. It’s well written and well produced. I have already binged through all the previous episodes and look forward to see what Victoria gets involved with next.
5 Tobytmagru Lift Awesome podcast,I live for this stuff!!!
5 Bapperson Wonderfully Creepy The creepy girl and her mysterious lift draw me in repeatedly. This is one of my favorite podcasts now. It is difficult to describe, however. It is about stories, a creepy girl, and a lift. Is Victoria benevolent, malevolent, something else entirely? The more I listen, the less I know.
5 Itsy in the dark arts Love this I can’t get enough of this podcast. It gives me great ideas for my art. Kept it up guys!
5 VASH512 Ready to go for a ride on the lift? I’m always looking for good horror podcast and with some of the best ones like the black tape’s podcast having recently taking a dive in quality it’s great to hear the lift having such a fantastic story from so many people it’s interesting to hear different writers take a look at Victoria and how she offers redemption or damnation to those who deserve it i’m always looking forward to the next episode it’s a hearing Victoria’s giggles I want to know more about her so I’ll always listen to hear the next part of her story great work everyone keep it up
5 Danger Kitten Love Love this podcast the stories are great. Helps me get through the work day.
5 hollywouldifshecould Amazing I’m a horror junkie, and this is one of the best out there. While my kids are waiting for new episodes of “The Flash”, I’m always anticipating new episodes of The Lift. Great writing and fantastic narration. And Victoria….I hope our paths cross some day. Or do I?
5 DodgerBlueForever82 Great Podcast Very entertaining. Great podcast!
5 Dikbutkiss Fan-friggen-tastic I love this podcast and came upon it through the wicked library. I don’t write many reviews but Victoria and her lift have me hooked. I love the fact that each week is a new writer with a new story that weaves it’s way into Victoria’s web. I binged the whole series in two days and am hungry for more. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see that “1” near the lift in my podcasts indicating a new episode. I have found myself asking wwvd in certain situations in my life and I find myself wishing yet fearing that I may stumble upon that dilapidated building and hear the faint echo of a giggle. Do yourself a favor and just subscribe, you won’t be disappointed.
5 Brie0907 I love victoria!! Totally addiciting! Was a little leary with the first episode but got super hooked when i realized victoria is good! Keep up the great work and storytelling!
5 Aaron Vlek Wonderfully Creepy! You know that feeling when you can’t turn away and you’re half scared and half loving it? That’s The Lift. It’s a short cut to the whim whams for those who are introduced to Victoria, a charming timeless individual that you don’t quite know what to make of. Great fun and a unique format and voice. I look forward to a lot more out of Victoria and I only wish I could find her Lift myself, I think.
5 The Stepfather Download Now! I love listening to these stories and worry that an elevator is going to show up and it will be my turn to face Victoria. Deeply engrossing and at times disturbingly real; the music, voice acting and story keep the listeners ears tuned in to what will happen next. Love it!
5 Mr. Leroy Awesome! intriguing series reminiscent of an old fashioned radio show. Creepy story, great narration and voice acting. Love it!
5 Ghost of Krycek To The Nines! Simply some of the best writing and story-telling available in the podcast medium. Deliciously compelling characters. And, the production quality is first-rate! Take a ride with Victoria. You won’t be disappointed.
5 EnglishPsychoII Original, and fantastic storytelling. The Lift is a podcast featuring a collection of stories featuring an unearthly girl and her lift that takes visitors to places that deal with their secrets. There’s a variety of writers so lots of tastes are accommodated, although I have enjoyed all of them. It harkens back to the Twilight Zone, and is just what you’re looking for if you miss great, original storytelling. Can’t recommend enough, subscribe today!
5 Jcwoodstl Finally on iTunes! I’m a huge fan of The Lift and have already listened to the current episodes via the website, but I’ve now downloaded them all here to listen to them again! If you are a fan of great writing, endearing characters and top-notch narration, this podcast is for you. If you haven’t listened to many story-telling podcasts but were a fan of old Twilight Zone episodes, this podcast is for you. Go ahead and subscribe, you’re welcome.
5 HistoryGoesBump I love Victoria and her Lift! The story surrounding Victoria, the Lift and the building both inhabit is intriquing! This reminds me of the twilight zone and I like the theming of horror and redemption. What makes this podcast unique is that it has many writers providing the stories that are all within the same world. Most radio dramas or podcasts featuring horror/scifi fiction have different authors writing very different stories. Give this one a listen and you will be hooked!
5 Jcwoodstl Finally on iTunes! I absolutely love this podcast and am thrilled it is on iTunes now. I have already listened to the current episodes on the website but now am downloading them on here to listen to them all again. Fantastic writing, great characters and brilliant narration. Just subscribe, you will thoroughly enjoy it!