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Season 1:

Multiple authors contribute amazing tales with a Twilight Zone vibe. The First Season introduces you to the realm of the Lift and Victoria, the mysterious Guide.

S1E20: "Plummet" by Cynthia Lowman
The Storm
S1E18: "The Wet Man" by Aaron Vlek
S1E17: "Today is the Day" by Austin Muratori
S1E16: "Dandelion Tea" by Brooke Warra
S1E15: "Burden of Others" by C Bryan Brown
S1E14: "Crosshairs" by Charles Rakiecz
S1E13: "Restitution" by Diane Student
S1E12: "Objects for Objects" by Kerry Lipp
S1E11: "Storkson Candy..." by Gwendolyn Kiste
S1E10: "Dark Music" by Scarlett R. Algee
S1E9: "Why I Take the Lift" by Mark Nixon
S1E8: "The Exchange" by Lee Forman
S1E7: "No Such Thing" by Cynthia Lowman
S1E6: "Girl Alone at Play" by Gwendolyn Kiste
S1E5: "The Dance" by Brooke Warra
S1E4: "THREE TWELVE NOEL" by Charles Rakiecz
S1E3: "Broken" by Daniel Foytik
S1E2: "Emotional Eaters" by C. Bryan Brown
S1E1: "The Basement" by Nelson W. Pyles
S1E0: "What are Jelly Babies?" by Mark Nixon
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