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Season 2:

Multiple authors contribute amazing tales with a Twilight Zone vibe. The Second Season will explore Victoria’s path, her building and introduce you to more of those visitors lucky or unlucky enough to find themselves on the Lift with the mysterious Guide.

S2E20: "Victoria's Gift" by Nelson W. Pyles
S2E19: "Non-Binary" by Daniel Foytik
S2E18: "The Posies Velvet" by Brooke Warra
S2E17: "The Future Behind" by Tony Sarrecchia
S2E16: "The Tin Heart" by Brooke Warra
S2E15: "A Writer's Journal, Vol 1" by Daniel Foytik
S2E14: "A Red Ring for a Winter's Eve" by Gwendolyn Kiste
S2E13: "Scars" by Jon Grilz
S2E12: "Slipping Away" by Lee Forman
S2E11: "Seeing Everything" by Samantha Pleasant LeBas
S2E10: "Brimstone" by Scarlett R. Algee
S2E9: "Redemption" by Diane Student
S2E8: "All Songs End on a Sour Note" by Jessica McHugh
S2E7: "Take a Bow" by Barbara Jean Savoie
S2E6: "The Box" by Paul Sating
S2E5: "The Ice That Giveth, The Ice That Taketh Away" by Aaron Vlek
S2E4: "The Promise" by Charles Rakiecz
S2E3: "Raison D’être" by Nelson W. Pyles
S2E2: "Nine Ways to Die" by Daniel Foytik
S2E1: "The Lost Library" by K. B. Goddard
S2E0: "The Last Costume Change" by Gwendolyn Kiste
S2: Teaser