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The Lift, an Audio Drama produced by 9th Story Studios.

The Lift is created and shared for free, but we do have hard costs associated with creating the show for you to enjoy.

Keeping our podcasts free is important to our goal of spreading story and helping the talented writers, artists and composers we work with find new audiences. Because we have always seen our projects as a form of community building and collaboration with our listeners, we wanted to create a way for our core fans to become a part of what we do.

If you enjoy the content and would like to contribute, we’d really appreciate it!

Beyond or in place of monetary support, rating and writing a review of the show in iTunes and telling a friend about us is a great way to help out!


If you’d like to be an ongoing part of what we do, you can become a patron and support us on Patreon. We have many levels of support and fun rewards.

If you’d prefer to make a one time, or occasional contribution, PayPal is another way you can support our efforts to make a great show for you to enjoy. 

In fact, for any “tip” over $3.00, we’ll reward you with one of our beautifully illustrated bookmarks featuring the artwork of Jeanette Andromeda! (Pictured Left)

Current Supporters of the show are:

  1. Aaron of the Alexandria Archives Podcast
  2. Aaron McCormack
  3. Aaron Mosher
  4. Aaron Vlek
  5. Ada Terrill
  6. Alyssa G
  7. Angela Mabrie
  8. April Barber
  9. Ashlie McConkie
  10. Ben Apperson
  11. Brad Erickson
  12. Brandon Jandt
  13. Brian Wainwright
  14. Byron K Vierling
  15. Denis Scot Jepsen
  16. Diane Student of the History Goes Bump Podcast
  17. Donna Seeley
  18. Emily Sherman
  19. Ethan Woodman
  20. Hannah Woodford
  21. Jennifer Clickenbeard
  22. Jenny Sweeny
  23. Jillian
  24. Jon Grilz of the Small Town Horror Podcast
  25. Josh Wood
  26. Julie Collins
  27. Kelli Perkins
  28. Kyle Walker
  29. Lisa M Divoll
  30. Melinda Dupuy
  31. Patricia Harris
  32. Paul Sating of the Subject: Found Podcast
  33. Pui Li
  34. Sam and Jake LeBas of the Just A Story Podcast
  35. Scott Roche
  36. Shelley Perrin
  37. Sofia Rivera

Thank you all for making The Lift possible!