Tony Sarrecchia

Tony Sarrecchia is an author, screenwriter, and audio dramatist. He is the creator and writer of the award winning Harry Strange Radio Drama and has written an episode of the Primrose Tales television program. His fantasy short stories can be found in collections published by Permuted Press and Airship 27.

He has two children and lives in Atlanta with his wife, a crazy boxador, a rescue pitbull and a persnickety cat.

Radio Drama/Serials

  • The Harry Strange Radio Drama, 45 episodes. 2011-2017
  • Jeremiah Willstone in the Choir of Demons (Radio Adaptation) air date TBD
  • The Probability Broach (Radio Adaptation) air date TBD


  • “The Aquarium” published in Legends of New Pulp Fiction, anthology, January 2016 by Air Ship 27 Press
  • The Ninth Circle Vol. 2: Night of the Bloodthirsty Ghouls. Published 2016 by Pro Se Press.
  • Harry Strange in the Stones of Solomon the collected scripts of Season One of the Harry Strange Radio Drama. Published May 2015 by Pen to Parchment Press
  • “On the Road to Chattanooga” published in Fat Zombie, anthology, January 2015, by Permuted Press

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