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The Tin Heart – by Brooke Warra

Today’s episode of the Lift is written by returning author, the talented Brooke Warra.

On a lonely night when she’s unable to sleep, Victoria’s Music box reveals a secret story of another music box similar to her own. Hear the story of a man whose name meant sadness.

Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes / Justice: Amber Collins
Main Narration / Bubba Sorrow: Daniel Foytik
Alice Bigglesworth-Hayes: Erika Sanderson
The Voice of The Music Box: Sarah Golding

Art: Samantha Pleasant LeBas

Score: Nico Vettese
“The Worst Thing You Can Do” The Automatics courtesy of Nelson W. Pyles

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The Lift Opening Theme Music
Composed and Recorded by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke of Cathedral Sounds

“Victoria’s Music Box, (Victoria’s Theme)” and The Lift Closing Theme Music
Composed and Recorded by Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams


Sound FX:,


Sound Design by Daniel Foytik, 9th Story

Producer/ Creator: Daniel Foytik
Producer/ Co-Creator, Story Editor: Cynthia Lowman
Executive Producers: Amber Collins, John Niespodzianski

Music Director: John Niespodzianski

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The Lift and all characters, places, and situations are property of Daniel Foytik, Cynthia Lowman, 9th Story Studios, LLC and may not be used in any form without their permission.

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